Please read and follow these instructions as paintball can result in serious injury or blindness.


Paintball can result in serious injury or blindness. Always observe the rules of safe play and safe paint marker handling. Always Keep the goggle on during play. DO NOT play with markers exceeding 300.fps(92m/s). The BASE GS Goggle system is suitable for protection using .43 to .68 caliber paintballs.

The BASE GS Goggle is equipped with an either a single anti-fog lens or thermal double pane lens. Replace all lenses hit from 10ft(3m) or less. Replace lenses annually. Only use lenses designed by Base to fit the GS Goggle.

Always ensure the lens and goggle strap are properly locked. Clean lens and goggle after every game Store the GS goggle in a dry and ventilated area. Store away from chemicals or fumes. Clean only with water. *Do not use any chemicals.*

The Base GS provides Extended Coverage for head sizes Small to XL. To properly fit the GS Goggle to your head, put on the goggle, and tighten goggle strap by pulling the tabs on the back of the strap in opposite directions toward the ears. Tighten the goggle until it presses snuggly against your face and does not shift side to side or up and down. If the strap is overly tight, loosen the goggle strap by pulling the tabs inward. Attach the chinstrap by locking the buckle in place.





  1. Remove inside foam part by pulling it out from either end.
  2. Rotate the locks attached to the end of the strap on either side of the goggle by turning them 45 degrees.
  3. Pull the locks out by pushing them from the inside of the goggle.
  4. Push out lens.





  1. Insert lens into the goggle from the Front and push it back all the way.
  2. Insert lock on either side of the goggle through the lens and rotate 45 degrees so strap is facing back.
  3. Insert foam part by location center of nose and center of forehead first and then push the ends to their places in the middle of the lock parts.


Designed by Base Paintball Inc


Download PDF ‣  BASE_GS GOGGLE_manual