BASE FIELD GOGGLES (work in progress)

BASE has a line of Goggles specifically made for fields and situations where goggles are rented or given out and need to be cleaned and serviced quickly to keep your customers safe and happy. Below you will find out why BASE field goggles should be your choice.



ASTM F1776-16
Base GS Goggles
10 April 2017
*ASTM International, formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.



We here at Base feel strongly that the goggles fields use for their customers are one of the most important decisions the field makes. Safety is the #1 consideration but after that customer satisfaction is crucial for the success of paintball fields and the goggles used at a field are a key to a great customer experience.

If your customers cannot see due to fogging, scratched lenses, worn out straps or just goggles that a badly designed and uncomfortable to begin with they will not have a good time. If they leave your field with a bad experience they will likely not come back and worse share their bad experience with their friends. 

To help you make your customers happy we have built a field goggles system that allows your business to function efficiently and let your customers have a great time.  



The BASE Field goggles are equipped with a quick change foam part that allows the quickest change of foam on the market, it can be changed in a few seconds. Base offers three versions of the foam:

  1. Standard field Soft open cell foam
  2. Retail dual layer open cell foam
  3. Closed cell non wetting foam


Our suggestion for field owners is to use our soft open cell foam which is very comfortable to the user and absorbs a sweat and moisture. In order to allow rapid turnaround of the goggles you have two options. 

  • You can keep multiple foam available and change them quickly, this allows the dirty foams to be cleaned and dried before the next use
  • You can up sell your customer to buy a brand new never used foam. This not only makes you not need to clean and dry the foams but also allows to make some extra money from you customer. 

If for what ever reason your field decides to use the less comfortable closed cell option we offer that as well but for the best customer experience the open cell foam is a better option.




The field goggle is equipped with a quick lens change mechanism that allows rapid changing of lenses as needed. Base offers both single layer and dual layer lenses in various tints. The goal should be to give your customers a lens that will not fog up and that is not scratched. 

Single VS Thermal

This choice depends on many variables and optimally the field would have both choices available depending on conditions. 

For Rental use the two most used colors are Clear and light smoke. We suggest Clear lenses for all indoor use. The light smoke lenses are a good choice for outdoor fields. 

Its very important for safety and good customer experience that the lenses used in field goggles are changed often enough. The absolutely minimum, as per ASTM standard, is a year after the lens was first used but if the goggles are used multiple times every week the time to change the lenses will happen quicker. 

Dual layer thermal lenses its important to understand that the lens is not waterproof and cannot be submerged. These lenses should be cleaned by wiping them with a microfiber using nothing else than warm water. 

Single layer lenses can be submerged but its important to understand that the anti-fog coating deteriorates each time its washed. If  aggressive washing is used to clean them the performance of the coating can be almost fully gone after 20-30 washes. In order to extend the life of the coating its best to wash the inside of the lens only as needed. 


The BASE field goggles all have a built in Visor that is molded together with the goggle. It will not fall off. The visor serves two important functions. First it helps with Rain and Sun but it also acts as a protector. When ever the goggle is laid down the visor will not allow the lens to touch the ground which helps to avoid scratches on the lens

The straps on the BASE goggles are made with a high quality jacquard weave elastic. They all have a non slip silicone coating on the inside that keeps them secure on the players head. The adjustment holders and end locks are all made with extremely strong and durable Dupont Nylon. The basic field goggles come with a blank black strap. We also offer the option for your field to custom order straps with your own logos. Additionally we offer a shorter youth strap for kids. 



The Full Cover part allows to have a Goggle that also protects the top of the head. We've designed this part so that its an additional part that will fit any Base Field goggle. The part can be installed quickly, it clicks on and is secured on the sides with two standard screws. The part is well ventilated and fits all customers. Its molded of the same material as the Goggle.



All field goggles are sold in packs of 5pcs per carton. We've designed a shipping box so that the shipping cost is greatly reduced saving you money. 



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